J Sikile School welcomes applications for admission from all students regardless of nationality, religion or gender.

The Admission process follows CBSE guidelines based on interaction / observation / test as may be applicable for different classes. Admissions are made with the provision that students complete their current year in good standing & as per the number of vacancies.

List of Documents

  1. Two (2) Passport size photographs of student
  2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate along with original for verification
  3. Passport size photograph of each parent (Father / Mother)
  4. Caste Certificate If SC / ST / OBC
  5. Original Transfer Certificate of current school
  6. Photocopy of Aadhaar Card of Mother, Father and Student
  7. Ration Card photocopy
  8. Mother’s Bank Account details photocopy.

The application form should be accompanied by the latest scholastic record, examination result, extra curricular activities, Marks/Grades/other distinctions obtained if any in the previous years .

In no case a student will be admitted into a higher class other than the class for which he/she holds the scholar’s register.

No student shall be admitted in Class IX and above after 31st day of August of the year except with prior permission of the Chairman, CBSE/Competent Authority


As the syllabus prescribed at Secondary & Senior Secondary level is of two years integrated course, no admission shall be taken in class X & XII directly. Provided further that admission to class X & XII shall be open only to such a student who:

a) has completed a regular course of study for class IX/ XI and

b) has passed class IX / XI examination from an institution affiliated to CBSE Board.

c) A student who has completed a regular course of study for Class IX /XI and has passed Class IX / XI examination from an institution recognised by/affiliated to any recognised Board in India, other than CBSE Board, can be admitted only on the transfer of the parent(s) or shifting of their families from one place to another, after procuring from the students the mark sheet and the Transfer Certificate duly countersigned by the Educational Authorities of the Board concerned.

In case of such admissions the school would obtain post facto approval of the CBSE Board within one month of admission of the student.




Class Age

Junior Kg.

03 Years

Senior Kg.

04 Years


05 Years


06 Years


07 Years


08 Years


09 Years


10 Years


11 Years


12 Years


13 Years


NOTE: Application form for admission to the school can be had from the office.

Contact Info

Post Box 24, Royapet
NARSAPUR – 534 275
West Godavari Dist., A.P.

School Numbers

Tel.: 08814 273287, 273387

Mobile: 9908436817

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.


Students leaving should be taken out at the end of the School year if possible, or at the end of the term.

  1. A written notice of withdrawal should be given one calendar month in advance, or else the fees for the following month will be charged.  Such notice should be given by the parent/guardian and not by the student himself/herself.
  2. A Transfer Certificate will not be issued until all the fees and any other dues are paid.
  3. To obtain Transfer Certificate, parents must submit a written application and should hand it over to the school reception after signing in the register maintained for this purpose.
  4. The required fee must be paid for the issue of Transfer Certificate.



All payments should be made at the Cash/Accounts Office.


Tuition fee and Transport fees should be paid on/before the due dates as follows:


  1. Term I: April – July  Due date – 25 April
  2. Term II: August – November: Due date – 25 August
  3. Term III December – March: Due date – 25 December 
  4. Transport fee/Hostel fee should be paid together with the Tuition fee as may be applicable.
  5. Fee defaulters may not be permitted into the classes/avail Transport after the due dates.
  6. Fees once paid cannot be refunded/adjusted.  Fees are subject to change as per the exigencies.